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Owning a business can be overwhelming. We know what it's like to have a business to run, but not enough time or financial backing to do it. That's why we only work with small businesses who just needs a little assistance to get things done.

Who We Are


Lesley Sedgwick is the CEO of Leave it to Lesley. As a boutique owner, I have experienced alot of trial and error. I often had to figure many things out on my own due to little help being available, or said services being completely out of my budget. Over the years I have gained great experience learning many do's & don'ts in relation to owning a boutique, its marketing and e-commerce requirements. I have an extensive sales, marketing and business background as the former Executive Assistant to the VP of Communications for a large Washington DC Organization. In 2011 I was able to resign from the organization and live my dream of running my boutique on a full time basis. Over the last few years I learned to work smarter and was able to spend more time working my business and less time working in it. I understand however that this is not every boutique owners reality. Many are still working full time jobs and managing their businesses on the side while juggling regular everyday tasks. That's where Leave it to Lesley comes into play. I decided to put what I've learned about Marketing, PR, Communications and Social Media to work to help other businesses such as mine, get more done to be more competitive in the marketplace. I studied business at Western Governor's University and have continued to grow my expertise by obtaining various training in Social Media Marketing, Campaining, Branding and Design. 

Let Leave it to Lesley and her team take the juggling act away from you. Your business can become more profitable if you aren't stressing over the "small stuff". However the small stuff can have a great impact on your business. Are you social? Do your clients, current and potential know about you? Your current sales? Where you will be exhibiting? Your social medial channels? Do you have a web presence? Do you need a website? Graphics? Flyers? Business cards? All of these things are essential to your boutiques success. The reality is most small business owners don't have the time to do all of these things for themselves....trust me I know, it can be a struggle. Let us ease your burden by handling these everyday aspects of business on your behalf...you'll thank yourself later!


so little time


We can customize a package that fits your needs and your budget alike. If you don't need a package, just a la carte services we can handle that too!

Get back to doing what you love and leave the rest to Lesley!

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